Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wish List

Mother's Day is 1 week away and I have dropped lots of hints to the boys as to what I would like. Not sure whether they will have told Steve, or even be able to remember what I have hinted at...!

So here is my wish list, just in case you bump into Steve during the next week!

Anything by Danielle Steel is always going to be on my list. I have read just about all of her books, but she still keeps coming out with new ones. So the latest book will not go a miss if it came my way.

A new tv for the bedroom would be good too. We currently have one in there, but it is so old, it can't have a DVD player attached to it, as it does not have the outlets for one! Not that we get to lie in bed and watch many DVD's, but would be nice to have somewhere to go and watch something if Steve is watching something that I don't favour!

A new scanner for the computer would be nice too. Steve managed to burn out the other one when he connected the computer up last year!
As all women would like, I too also want a Pandora Bracelet, a gold one, as I am a gold person not silver. This bracelet would be the gift that keeps on giving, as they would be able to buy me new charms each occassion they needed something to buy mummy and all their problems would be solved for years to come. Although occassionally I would like to receive more than just a charm. At the end of the day though, just a good old fashion bunch of flowers would be totally sufficient, given to me in bed with big hugs and lots of sloppy kisses. Oh and maybe with breakfast on a tray?

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Needled Mom said...

You'll have to let us know if they got the hints. Good luck.