Friday, February 26, 2010

Beef Anyone?

In our freezer currently, we have 1/4 of a beast.
Yep that is what I said, 1/4 of a beast. 1/4 of a cow is frozen in our freezer, in pieces obviously, in fact even in different pices.
Several roasts, stewing steak packs, eye fillet steaks, porterhouse steak, rump steak and sausages.
More mince than you can imagine recipes for and even weiner schnitzel.

A friend has always had homekill meat, and seeing as we live in the middle of cow country, then where else would you acquire fresh homekill beef?

The mince is so red in colour, hardly any fat in it. It has not been processed 6 times, like you wonder if the supermarket stuff has? It is fresh smelling and gorgeous.
I guess we could class it as prime mince beef which currently sells for about $14.99 / Kg.
I currently have the equivalant of about $120 worth of mince in my freezer.
If you then add to that the sausages (at least $6.99/Kg ) the 10 roast (at least $22.99/Kg) I have and all the steak I have that can run at at least $19.99 upwards then there is a lot of fresh beef available to us.
And we paid all of $305 for the lot!
Apparently it works out at about $5.99 / Kg for everything in our freezer. I was quite impressed when I worked it all out and said yes to the 1/4.
Steve loves the taste of fresh beef and was very happy to accept. But yes, you do need the freezer space for it all and I thought we had more than we do, but it all fitted so no worries, but we may be having beef on the menu a lot in the next few months!

I have been good though, before I placed it all in the freezer, I made a list of what we have so I can cross off as we use things and then I know what is left. This will also make sure I use things within a reasonable amount of time and not find something lurking at the bottom of the freezer in 2 years time!

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Needled Mom said...

We have always bought our meat by the halves and find it is so much better. In fact, this weekend we are picking up 1/2 lamb. This will be our first attempt at that so we will see.