Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Dress

Last night I took the washing off the line in a hurry as a light shower was passing and I had just managed to dry all the clothes.
As we have the gazebo still up in the garden from the BBQ last weekend, I quickly wheeled the laundry trolley under there and promptly forgot about it until this morning.
I actually only noticed it as I was racing out the door to work, but seeing as it was going to be another glorious day and it was under the gazebo, I decided to leave it where it was till I got home.

This is where the mystery comes in......

When we got home, there was a salmon pink dress laid across the laundry trolley.

No note, no explaination, no nothing, just the dress.
It is a size 8, so way too big too small for me.
Definetely my style, little sleeves and scooped in at the waist, although it won't fit!

But no explaination as to where it came from.
I have searched the garden as it has been a little windy today, so thought maybe the note (if one was left) had got blustered away into the hedge, but no.

So I have this dress that I don't know where it came from or what I am meant to do with it?
Is it for me? It is 2nd hand but in very good condition.

So I will take it into the house today and wait to see if anyone texts me to ask how I liked it, or something like that?


Kent and Leisy said...

how mysterious!! and kind of exciting? :)

Anonymous said...

It looked like you; the right style & the right colour and it needed a home. So I gave it to you. I really thought it would fit you .... have you tried it on?