Monday, May 03, 2010

Do You Smell Something....?

The weather has changed, for winter.
We had the most glorious day, clear blue skies and hot sunshine. The type were it is actually warmer outside than in!
So we got all the washing done (except the towels which I have just remembered are in the machine!) and we got the garden winterized, table and umbrella put away etc.

By the evening though, the temp had dropped drastically.
So during one of the ad breaks I casually mentioned to Steve that maybe we could do with our warm winter blanket for the bed?
He agreed and went into the loft space to find it.
He found the blanket but also smelt gas!

Now we have a gas meter, on the outside of the house. It only services the hot water and the gas stove in the kitchen, no reason for the gas to be in the roof 2 stories up.
So he said no reason to call now at 9.30pm, it can wait till tomorrow.
My answer was a little un writable and said that the insurance company would love that "oh I am sorry we smelt gas last week but didn't think it was important!" after the house has blown up or caught fire!

So he found the number and called the company, who you can imagine were thrilled with being called out at 10pm on a Sunday evening.
The man begrudingly came out and said he couldn't smell gas!
But got out his meter and checked the roof for us where he did actually find gas.
Went back to the meter and found gas there too, although only a low reading but enough to cause concern that it needs something looking into.
We still can not understand how, with such a low reading showing from the meter, it is rising to the roof above and staying there?

Anyway, he is not too concerned as we have been able to smell gas as you walk past the meter on and off for ages now, nothing ever too strong but enough that you can smell it.
They dug up the driveway last year and looks like they will be doing the same again, sometime this week.
I can tell you, he was none too impressed with having found something, cause now it means he has more work to do, and especially as he was the one who came out last year when there was a problem and we still have a problem now!

Will keep you posted with what they decide to do and when....?

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