Sunday, May 16, 2010

Productive Weekend Again

This weekend turned into a very productive time again.
We have some very busy weekends ahead of us coming up so this one was our last at home for a while.

Steve had mubbled several times about wanting to sort out the insulation in the house.
We have a 2 storey house, but as it is a sort of A frame house, then everything is downstairs apart from 2 bedrooms that are slap bang in the middle of the roof. (Imagine a triangle and then draw a square in the middle of it, you then have lots of space either side of the square, this is our roof space, dead space, empty area, what ever you wish to name it!)
Anyway, that means all the bedroom walls are surrounded by roof space and we loose a lot of heat out into the roof, so Steve wanted to insulate the walls with wool insulation, as they hadn't been done.
So I managed to get him to the builders shop on Saturday and got the stuff required.
So he has spent the whole weekend insulating the roof. We still have a little area to go but at least a start has been made as the cold weather starts to close in.

My mission for the weekend has been the lounge.
It is small, and until we have enough money to be able to afford to knock down a very big load bearing wall, then it will stay small.
Now it was not helped by the fact that our tv etc was standing on a very large entertainment unit.

This unit was perfect for our last house, nice big open planned lounge, dining and kitchen. But not for a house with everything in its own area and lots of walls.
Seeing as we are not knocking down walls anytime soon, I mentioned that I wanted to change the unit for something smaller that would not take up half the room!

So we also looked around for tv units.
We managed to find one, but I could tell from Steve's manner that we would not be getting one this weekend. Unfortunately I had other ideas, once my mind is set on something, nothing or no one is going to stand in my way. I think maybe deep down he knew this, because he never stood in my way or created any resistance when I set on my mission today!

So our lounge has gone from this..

to this

to this

and finally this

I love it now, so much more space and definitely lighter.

The other issue we have is that there are 4 of us in the family. When Steve brought the lounge furniture, there was just him and he lived in a small town house. So 1chair and a 2 seater sofa was sufficient. As the boys have come along, the suite has still been suitable but it is slowly getting a little cramped when everyone wants to watch tv as there are really only 3 seats, and as for when Grandma is visiting, well there just isn't enough space for everyone to sit down.
Whilst looking at the tv units, I spied a cute little kids sofa for 2. I did kinda think our 2 were a little large for it, but when they sat on it it was perfect. When Ben and I went to the shop today to get the tv unit, I thought about it some more and decided to buy it.
We need a new suite for the lounge but again it is not top of the priority list, the one we have , although lacking in enough seats, is actually fine and needs no need of replacing. So the cheaper option was to buy this little kids sofa that the boys will happily use for the next year or so and then we can look at replacing the suite.

You can see it just tucked in the corner just perfect for the boys to use.

So all in all a very productive weekend for us.
How was yours?

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kimara said...

I think that it is so strange that you are gearing up for cold weather and I am just starting into the heat of the season! I love all the bits that you have done the smaller TV is so much better. The little couch is great too! My London had one forever and loved it!
Me...this weekend I weeded!