Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Time

Alex had his meeting with the Principle today at school.
We decided that even though he knows the school very well, and has met a lot of the teachers, that we would still do everything special for him.
So mum, dad and Alex all sat in the office, in a very nice manner, and answered all the questions the Principle asked us.
He asked Alex when he was going to be 5?
Where he went to Daycare?
What he liked doing? Alex told him all about Judo, which consequently the Principle has a soft spot for because his big boy use to do Judo when he was little.
He asked him if he knew any numbers? Alex just randomly threw some numbers out there, so the Principle asked him which came first 200 or 400? Alex's answer was that 100 came before 200 or 400. The Principle just smiled.
He asked him about letters? Alex again randomly threw some letters out in the air, but then followed it with LMNOP. The Principle noted that Alex knew his letters!

He asked him which class he wanted to be in and then informed Alex which class he would be in.
We are very happy with the selection. He has the teacher that Ben had last year, who Alex knows very well.
So then we trotted off to the class room to met everyone, well Alex thought this was awesome and disappeared to a spare chair at one of the tables and stayed there for the next 45 minutes until school ended.
He even asked if he could go back again tomorrow?

That was the heart breaking part, because of course he can not go until he turns 5, in 2 weeks time.
He has the next 2 Wednesday mornings to go to school and spend a few hours in the classroom so he is more aware of the room before he starts, but he would love to put that little uniform on and go tomorrow if he could!
So when we got home, we made a count down chart for him to cross off the sleeps until school starts. I made sure that all his activities are on the chart so he can see all the other fun stuff he has coming up before he goes to school.
Like going to Auckland to see a show, going to the caravan for a night with just daddy, when Judo is on and also when his birthday is and when the party is.
I think that has settled him for the moment.

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kimara said...

That is so cute! It is fun when they are so excited to learn!