Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ben and Alex had their last swimming lesson yesterday.
Unfortunately it got too difficult to organise a lesson that fitted in with life.
I currently have Wednesdays off work, and I will be keeping this day off when Alex starts school. (fits in with my study that I am about to start, go check here for more details)
So therefore swimming has to be on a Wednesday, but they could only give Alex a lesson at 4.30pm.
This is way too late in the day for a little boy who has just turned 5 and has started school.
With finishing school at 3pm and then having to wait until 4.30pm for a lesson, I know that by that time he will be past it, will not pay attention and therefore the lesson will be a waste of time and money.

So with much sadness for Alex's lesson, because he was the one who was enjoying the lessons the most, we said goodbye to the lovely teacher he has had for the last year.
I am not worried about their ability to swim. I feel that they have learnt some very good basics and will be fine. They will go swimming in the pool at the caravan and will one day pick up lessons again.

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