Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We are very luck in the fact that we have a wonderful Doctor's surgery not too far from us.
Although sadly we are leaving them and moving somewhere else!

As you know Steve has Diabetes, and with this comes the need to have a good family Doctor.
Steve had a great one in Auckland, had been with him for 18 years. Several times the Doc felt he had failed Steve and would tell him so, informing him that he needed to find a new Doc because he was unable to maintain Steve's Diabetes, really this was just his way of telling Steve that "hey I am doing my part here, now you have to get on board as well to maintain your diabetes at a good level!"
When Ben arrived, I too joined this Doctor's practice and it became our family practice. It was lovely. We all loved the Doc and he was a wonderful person to have in our family, I think he even treated mum on occassion.
Him and his wife came to our wedding here in Hamilton 2 yrs ago, that is how well we knew him.

When we moved to Hamilton we chose the local practice, little larger than our old 2 Doc practice, this one had about 12 Docs, but still we were happy with them.
We got assigned a Doc and all was great until last year, when sadly the Doc had to leave for personal reasons and dissappeared overseas.
Since then we have not had the same Doc twice.
Now for most people this would be ok but for Steve this is no good.
He needs consistency, he needs someone who knows him, knows what he is like and knows when to kick him up the backside when he is being so so about his diabetes.
The Doc we got assigned dropped her hours and suddenly she was only working 2 mornings a week, the other Doc sharing with her has since left and now there is someone new. We feel like we are always repeating ourselves to the latest Doc when ever we visit.

The other day I mentioned to Steve that there was another Family Practice in the other direction, ok this new one is 2ks away instead of 600m, but hey we are not fussy.
He liked the idea, so today I checked them out.
They have 6-7 Docs, several of them working fulltime. They have all the other necessary facilities that go with the practice and low and behold they also have our old Doc (the one who left last year)
Turns out he only went overseas for 6 months and hoped to come back to the old practice when he returned, but they sadly were unable to accomodate him on his return.
So he is now working permanently fulltime at the new practice and that suits us just fine.

4 lots of enrolment forms completed and hey presto we now have a new Family Doctor.
Looks like it is one we all like and now know is going to be around for a while. Ok it is a little further to go when needing to collect a perscription but still just round the corner, so not too much hassle.

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