Monday, October 11, 2010


When Steve and I got married 2 years ago, we gave people a packet of sunflower seeds as a wedding favour.
They went down really well, especially as it was the right time of year to plant them as well. We gained several pictures over the following months from people who had attended the wedding and then actually planted the seeds. Several family members had sunflower growing competitions to see who could grow the tallest!

We, would you believe, never actually got round to planting any of the seeds, although we had several packets left over.

So this year we decided to have a little family competition. We are using seeds that we had left over (yes I know they are 2 yrs old but they have remained sealed and at a good temperature, so we will see!) and we have brought 1 packet just in case nothing happens.

We have laid out some rules for our little competition:
  1. Everyone will do the same thing, so we all planted together in the same way
  2. There will be a small prize (mini chocolate bar) for the person who has the 1st shoot through in the next few weeks
  3. We will measure the growing plants every 2 weeks
  4. The winner of the tallest sunflower will get to choose whether we play Mini Golf or go Bowling
  5. The winner of the largest sunflower head will get to choose where we go for lunch
  6. The person with the shortest sunflower will win a chocolate bar
Everyone is in agreeance and the seeds have been planted.

1st we all helped prepare the soil

Well almost everyone was helpful!

Then we each chose which section of the flower bed we wanted.
We then each took it in turn to plant our seeds. Because the sunflowers are going to grow tall, we have also planted so summer colour in the front part of the bed to make it all look pretty.

So our competition has begun, just wish the uploading and adding pictures to this post had been as easy!!


kimara said...

Fun! You home looks beautiful. It is amazing that you are just preparing for summer while I am preparing for snow! Keep us posted

tartankiwi said...

What a great idea to give sunflower seeds as wedding favours and an even better idea to have a sunflower growing competition now! I love your prizes. Good luck everyone, may the best man, woman or child win...