Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing in Odd Places

We have a little bit down the side of our garage that is really useless.

The space down there is not big, it needs a new fence put up to seperate us from the driveway of the units next door.
The hedge only goes along so far before you come to nothing. There was a peach tree tucked back there but Steve had to attack it last year as it was rotten.

We would be able to walk along there if we fixed eveything up but of course the usual thing comes into, plus also the fact that if we started on that side of the garage then we would have to extend the fence all the way round the back as well and probably sort out the fence down the side of the driveway so it was all done in one go not several attempts!
So you can guess that it is not getting done anytime soon!

However, we do have weeds etc growing along there and that is fine.
Apart from the weeds are now trying to find somewhere else to grow and have decided to come through the gaps at the bottom of the garage wall.
No worries about that because then you manage to get cute picture like this....

The ivy looked so cute growing up the rake handle

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