Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Logical Mind with an Unlogical Heart

Alex has been toilet trained since just after he turned 3. He just decided one day that he was no longer wearing nappies during the day!
After 2 weeks we were trained (took 9 months with Ben!)

Unfortunately we have had a small problem with Alex in that he is unable to get a through a whole day without being wet. Now we are not talking about wetting himself instead of going to the toilet, we are talking about dribbling, so that he is wet at some stage in the day and sadly it is not enough for him to notice and so therefore he wanders around in damp undies (which yes, do smell by the end of the day!)

We have taken him to a Urologist back in March of this year to get checked out, just in case he needed anything doing. Nothing apart from learning so new little tricks when peeing.
On and off we have been toddling along since then. We have had some good monents and some not so good moments.
Unfortunately it all comes down to the fact that we now have another appointment with the Urologist in November.

I have a feeling he might suggest that we give Alex a circumcision.
My mind knows that this is the most logical thing to do, with being a nurse I have seen this procedure done many times, so know all about it.
Unfortunately my heart is telling me different things and the thought of having to take him into a theatre and watch him go to sleep and then leave him makes the muscles around my heart ache at the thought of it.

Now the whole stupid thing about this is that I am a theatre nurse, have been for 15 years. I have watched countless operations over the years, taken many parents away from their children once they are asleep, comforting them as we walk down the corridor, reassuring them that all will be well and that they will be back with them soon.
I now how it all works, what happens, where he will be, who will be with him, the whole works but it does not seem to make any difference!

Not long after I started working in theatres, I remember talking to my mum and telling her how I wondered why some of these parents who had knowledge about the whole procedure got so upset when their child had an anaesthetic?
She said until I was a parent I would never understand the heart ache involved even when you know it is totally for the better.

Well I am now beginning to get a better idea of exactly what those parents were going through when I was a young innocent nurse many years ago.

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