Thursday, October 07, 2010

Like School

Blogging is a little like going to school!
You start the year all enthusiastic and excited with lots of projects in mind. You want to write everything down and learn as much as possible.
But then after several weeks you have a few ups and downs and then thankfully it is holiday time.
So you take a little break, relax and suddenly gain some more inspiration and all too soon it is term time again and you are ready to get cracking again.

Sometimes you have a very full on term, with lots happening, loads of inspiration, finding your muse around every corner you turn, but again all to soon it is break time and you are happy for a little rest.

Well that is how I see blogging, I go through a big inspiration time where I have loads of muses and have lots to write down and then suddenly I have to take a break. Doesn't mean I am not thinking about it whilst on the break, man no, in fact I have collected many pictures and things to write about, just don't have the enthusiasm to write it all down.

So then I find that I want to write them down, I start to think about how the post will write out, sometimes I even write it all down in a little notepad I have by my bed as the words form in my head at 11pm, then I don't forget all the wonderful words I thought of at such a late hour of the day.

So I think my vacation is coming to an end, my fingers are itching and my mind is processing. May be time for more posts to start flowing....!

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