Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Frustration is knowing that you started a new job 6 months ago and already you have taken 6 sick days!
Frustration is knowing that this is what can happen when you have kids!

But knowing all this, it is still difficult to swallow sometimes when I have to call work to let them know I won't be in. I have even taken to letting them know I am off sick due to a child.
As you can guess, I am at home today with a sick child. Alex said he had tummy ache this morning and he was too quiet. So I kept him home from Daycare. With his 5th birthday just days away, I definitely do not want a sick child this weekend!
He has been quieter than normal all morning, happily sat on my bed and watched tv for the morning. This is so not like him at all.

I was off sick for 1 day in May with Ben.
I was unwell for 2 days in April, finally I actually got to take sick days for me!
Before that Steve and I both shared a day each in March when Alex was not well for half a week, Steve did 1 day, I did the next and the other was my day off anyway.
The last sick day was in February, and that 1 was for me, when I had finished the 6 weeks orientation and I was knackered.

So even though it is not much, it still feels like it when I have to call them, and unfortunately we are heading into winter, but maybe with everyone having already had sniffles and sneezes we might be able to get through a couple of months without mummy having to stay home from work, although thankfully Steve does share and will take a day off too when he knows I really can't take anymore.
Although having said that, work are very good. The department is more or less run by family people, we all have kids at school etc that can not stay home on their own. So we are all very understanding to each others needs.
I don't actually feel so bad today because I have just found out that 1 of the lists had been cancelled this afternoon due to the doctor being away sick!

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