Thursday, August 01, 2013

Scavenger Hunt #16 - A Windmill

I wish I understood why we get ideas in our head and then won't accept anything different?
The Summer Scavenger Hunt that Rinda is holding is a perfect example of such a thing.
I loved receiving the list from her at the beginning of June and was amazed at the instant pictures that appeared in my mind as to what I wanted to picture for each item.

Ok so some of them I had nothing from the very beginning and I have had to think a little about them but for the most I was doing alright, well I thought I was doing alright until such time as I had to actually find the said item I had pictured in my mind and then my luck got lost!

For the most part this is what I thought of when I imagined a windmill

Thanks to Channel 4 for showing Thomas the Tank Engine every morning during the school holidays and thanks to my husband for the fact we have a wonderful machine that allows us to pause live tv so I was able, much to the amusement of my children, run around the house like a headless chicken trying to find the camera so I could get a shot of the pause screen on the tv, all in the name of a Scavenger Hunt!!

I wish I understood why there is a lack of windmills looking like this here in New Zealand? I mean come on, doesn't anyone want the old fashion way of milling flour anymore? Obviously not.

This made me think of other places that usually have windmills.......maybe as ornaments in the garden, so off to the garden center I raced.
Yea right, cause people in New Zealand are obsessed with windmills in their gardens as ornaments.....NOT!
And yes before you ask I was going to sneakily snap a picture of an ornament in a garden centre and not buy anything!
"But your honour, it was the power of the scavenger hunt I was doing, it does obsessive things to your brain and body during the months of June thru September!"

I wandered all over this garden center, under the guidance that I was happily looking at all the beautiful plants that could adorn my garden. Alas a windmill did not come to hand.
I tried back in the gift area, as there seemed to be no ornaments in the outdoor area. There was however a beautiful sundial, it was impressive too, but sadly a garden center person was unpacking items just near by and even though I am sure they would have taken no notice of me quickly snapping a picture or two of this beautiful item, I was not taking the risk of them telling me 'sorry no pictures allowed' when I had yet to still locate a windmill!
And then suddenly something caught my eye, right over by the checkout.
Was it a windmill? Was it what I needed? Of course it was, it was just not the style I had been looking for.

Just to prove they classed them as windmills!
The pictures are not the greatest as they were taken very sneakily and very fast but finally I have found a windmill as required for item #16.
I wish I had been able to set the shot up nicer, although I did play with the red and white ones in the first picture to make them stand in the vase they were displayed in much better so I got a lot more of the heads in the shot. Anyone watching must have thought I was OCD the way I was trying to arrange the display of kids plastic toys.

This is after all a Scavenger Hunt and we will go to great lengths to obtain that one shot so we can complete the hunt successfully, well anyone with OCD will.

Happy hunting guys


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love, love, love the story to go along with your picture today. And I totally would have accepted the Thomas photo (we loved Thomas when Henry was little).
Don't forget to pop over to my blog and link this post up so others can read your story, too.
Happy Hunting,
Rinda (Queen Windmill Finder)

evie winter said...

The great thing about photographic themes are they are their for inspiration and I love the way you interpreted it, taking something out of your daily life!

Amy said...

I would never have thought of the paper/ornament windmills ... an excellent find and I love your storytelling!

Lesley G said...

Just brilliant!!!

Becky said...

I love these windmill photos! The Thomas one made me smile to start with and then the fact that you managed to find the ones on sticks was great! I had not even thought of them, but of course they are windmills!

Alison said...

I have actually found my windmills, but just not stopped to take the pics!
Alison xx

Deb@threeisacharm said...

Loved your story ... it made me laugh as I imagined you running around for your camera! :) Great thought to photograph the windmill from Thomas ... we also have fond memories of Thomas as my son (now 15) loved Thomas too.

alexa said...

Aw, poor you - we really go out of the way for our art, don't we! (I am similarly hoping for a live windmill but have a papery one right here on my window ledge if need be!). Thank-you so much for popping into my blog, and it is lovely to come over and catch up :).

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I would only be able to find the paper kind.

hehe I so thought of Thomas and the windmill :)