Thursday, August 14, 2014

1 - A Sign Welcoming People to Your Home Town

I am loving all the signs I am seeing during this hunt that other people are posting, their town really knows how to welcome people in.
You know you have entered the town as there is a lovely large display, creation sign to welcome you.

Seems we are not one of those towns, in fact if you come from the North there is no sign at all!
From the South then yes there is a sign but you could be mistaken for thinking it was an advert on the side of the road....

Yes we have the most boring of boring billboard signs welcoming our visitors to our town!
Ok we are lucky in that we have a sign thanking them for visiting but it is just the other side of the billboard!

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alexa said...

It's tricky, isn't it ... We don't have pretty welcome signs here either. In fact, the simple one with just a name on which we do have, could do with a wash!