Sunday, August 10, 2014

16 - A sign in a Language Other than English

And again the gardens are part of the hunt!
As they are a prime tourist destination here in Hamilton then I knew I would find a sign in another language there.
But I didn't, well I did, but only just.
I wandered all around checking the car park, the entrance area, the fountain area that leads to all the gardens, I looked in some of the gardens thinking there may be signs explaining things about the gardens, I even checked in the pavilion but nothing!

In fact it has made me start to really look around at all my local areas to see exactly what signs I can find that are not in English and I am shocked at the lack of them.
New Zealand talks all the time about the importance of Maori and their inheritance and belonging to this country but suddenly I realised there is nothing in Maori written around in everyday life.

The only sign I did actually find was on the window of the visitors centre in the gardens.
It was welcoming you to the gardens and was written in several different languages but it certainly wasn't the clearest most convenient sign I had come across!

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alexa said...

You really have had to hunt for this one, haven't you ... How interesting that it brought you to a realization of something. I suspect I might struggle with this one too in our anglo-centric part of the world :(.