Saturday, December 08, 2007


OMG where does time go??
I just realised that I haven't blogged for a while, I haven't even been checking out all my favorite blogs either, and so much has been happening to them as well.

So what is my excuse I hear you all cry? Well, I do have one, pretty big one too......

When I was pregnant with Ben, we did our antenatal classes through an organisation called Parents Centre. They are a not for profit organisation within New Zealand. They are run by volunteers and all these people are all parents. So generally it is run by parents for parents.
They run Antenatal Classes, Parenting classes and much more for new parents.
Well when Ben was 5 weeks old I joined the committee in Auckland and 4 years later I am still involved big time with Parents Centre.
Only thing is is that when I moved to Hamilton I transfered my membership, joined their committee and within 3 weeks of being here I was elected PRESIDENT of the Hamilton branch!

Told you it was big!

Yes they are in a little bit of trouble, nothing serious just lack of people to help run it, do the planning and generally have over all direction. They have had a wonderful lady called Wendy who has been doing the best she can, but limited. She is now my Vice President and between us we are going to get Hamilton Parents Centre back on track.
So unfortunately life has been Parents Centre for the last little while and I think it still will be for the next little while too.

I have lots to tell you all about what has been happening here with us. I have some cute pictures of the boys to share. So please stick around and keep checking back and I will try really hard to get something posted really soon.

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