Friday, December 14, 2007


Unfortunately as daycare were not aware of Alex's sleeping habits, they let him sleep for nearly 2 hours during his day time sleep.
This meant that after the kindy party, bath, teeth and pyj's Alex was still not ready to settle.
He sat himself in timeout by the back door and finally went into his room, only to dissappear under the bed.
I said fine and walked out and left him, knowing he would crawl out in 2 minutes and either come find us or climb into bed.
At 10 when we were getting ready for bed Steve checked on the boys and came rushing out to say did I know where Alex was?
Turns out he had stayed under the bed, with only a 2 second out time to collect his pillow and blanket.

So there he was sound a sleep under the bed, unfortunately the only way to get him out was to drag him.

But in true Alex form he slept through the whole putting into bed part.
On the true Alex part, last week we had some serious problems with our house alarm. I was out one evening and I got a call from Steve to say I had to come home as the alarm was going off (never set as he was in the house) and he couldn't switch it off.
The siren for the alarm is in the corridor outside the boys room and it is loud!
Ben (hates loud noises, doesn't even like the hand driers in the public bathrooms) apparently came flying out of the room and had to be comforted and put to bed in our room (other end of the house) but Alex, well this alarm rang for 10 mins before our friendly electrician got there and he slept through the whole thing! Not a peek.

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