Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas Bloggers

Merry Christmas to all in bloggerville.
Especially to all the blogs I catch up with: Overwhelmed with joy, rocks in my dryer,

Actually this post is for them.

Having just moved to Hamilton then we are very new to the lights at Christmas time in this town. With this in mind I decided the family had to take a trip out at night to see all the Christmas lights on the houses. Now remember here that we have to wait until about 9pm to do this successfully, so with 2 sleeping boys in the back Steve and I drove round Hamilton last night checking out the decorations.

Our last stop of the night was to (according to the local paper) the best light show in town. This iconic building dazzles Hamilton with more than 100,000 lights and it runs for the last 2 weeks or so of December.
Now my camera was set on night time setting but I had lots of problems getting lovely pictures, so you really don't get the greatest effect of the lights but you get the idea.
So here I give you the Mormon Temple of Hamilton, NZ

It was amazing being there. This is apparently something that is done every year and it is a well orchestrated thing with carpark attendants and road cones etc.
Temple View where the Temple is is an amazing little area and one place I will go back to explore more in the daylight.
Merry Christmas

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