Saturday, January 23, 2010


Not the one in 11 months time but the one we have just had.
We were lucky enough to get to spend it at the caravan again.
Mum came over for several days to camp with us and we had some good friends who joined us on the day from their caravan.
Of course like any NZ Christmas day, it was spent outside in the sunshine with a BBQ for the main meal and leftovers for the evening meal.
So a mixture of chicken and steak for the big people and sausages etc for the little ones.
I have added some pictures for you to see us enjoying the sunshine.

Our little Chrismas Day camp

Of course we had crackers on the table at lunchtime

Steve cooking part of the lunch

And Gary in his sexy get up cooking the other half

He gained the apron for his birthday but decided he was feeling shy and so needed to cover the top with a little vest he acquired! We still had a lot of fun with him over it though.

So that was Christmas Day for us. I wonderful day of eating too much enough, and spending time with family and friends.

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