Saturday, January 23, 2010


Whilst at the caravan Alex decided he didn't like sleeping!
When Grandma was with us we put a small tent up and the boys got to sleep in this.
Ben took to this very well and in fact ended up spending 7 or 8 nights in by himself.
Alex got fussy and decided that he didn't want to sleep in the caravan or the tent.
After getting annoyed and loosing my temper I told him to just go and sleep anywhere!

So he did, he took his pillow and blanket and snuggled on the grass outside the caravan.
It was a little cold this evening so he snuggled himself in a little cocoon on top of the pillow and promptly went to sleep.

This is him, all curled up and fast a sleep under his blanket.
We did finally move him into the caravan but not before we had checked that he was still breathing under the blanket because he had his whole face totally covered.
All our friends walking past kept stopping to find out what was going on and as they are all parents they soon laughed and knew exactly where we were coming from.

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Needled Mom said...

A kids gotta do what a kids gotta do!!!!!!! Too funny!