Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Again

The holidays have ended!
We got home on Friday evening and have happily spent the weekend tidying, washing and sorting.
We have been active in the garden, cutting the grass and planting more vegetable beds.
Also sorted out the summer flower bed and soon that will be ablaze with colour through the long summer days, although we are already half way through summer saving time, so on the downward spiral to winter already, man where does the time go.

Everyone is now set ready to go back to work, Daycare and Holiday Programme tomorrow morning.
Some long weeks ahead of us before Ben starts back at school, but hopefully we will all just slip into them nicely and without to much agro!

Have managed to grab 5 minutes to change the background on the page to a more summery feel to it, although due to having guests here today I still haven't managed to get the Christmas Tree down yet! Definitely an inside evening job than a during the hot sunny day job, so hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to dedicate it to getting all that sorted.
I am usually a stickler for getting the decorations down on the 12th night (Jan 6) but seeing as we were still away then, I decided that there was no bad luck in them staying up as we were pardoned because we were not here. If you know what I mean?

So tomorrow is the start of life being back to normal....!
Have a great week.

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