Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Computer Problems

At some stage or other everyone puts up a post about this!
Our computer is fine, no problems there but our internet speed is in basic words 'crap'
Last year I adjusted our monthly amount so we never had to worry about using up all our usage. Went from 1MB to 5MB a month.
Never had any problems with it and it there ever was a problem with the internet connection then I just unplugged the modem, waited 5 minutes, plugged it back in, waited another 5 mins and hey presto everything would work again.

For the last week I have noticed that we are running ever so slow, I mean slower than dial up, if there is anything that slow anymore!
Once you had one page open you never stood a chance if you wanted to open another tab at the same time, it was like an internet death sentence!

So I finally called the company and asked if there was any problems in the area that we should know about?
His answer to me was 'Do you always run at that speed?' meaning we are running at 10x less than the minimum recommended basic speed.
So after having to unplug all the telephones in the house he did a quick line test, still running slow. Quick change of the filter on the modem and everything was fine but still slow. So now he has logged it with a technician.
So now we sit and wait for them to organise a tech to come and look at the exchange in the street, hopefully that will be before the end of the week and maybe by the weekend we will have fast internet yet again.

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