Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life and Police

I feel like I haven't been here at all for the last few weeks!
I have been checking up on the blogs I follow, but with it being summer here at present I feel that there are always other things to do in the lovely temps we are having than sitting and blogging on the computer.
That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you all, I have, I have even got lots to blog about, I am just enjoying the summer at present.

I am also enjoying my new job. I have been there 2 weeks now and it is great. I now work in Cath Lab at the main hospital in Hamilton.
Cath Lab is the place you go for minimal invasive treatment of hearts, things like Angiograms and Angioplasty. 70% of the patients are older and have had some form of heart trouble, mainly Angina or even a heart attack.
It is very similar to Theatre (Operating Room) work although a little more relaxed and the patients are awake. I am thoroughly enjoying having to actually deal with patients rather than having nothing to do with them because they are asleep!
I am also learning a lot because my Cardiac knowledge was none exsistent to say the least.
This means I have been coming home knackered from working and learning so much. This will in time slowly ease off as I come to grips with things a little better.

Unfortunately, whilst I am on orientation to the department I am working full time, something I haven't done for several years!, so this is taking its toll on the rest of the family as well.
The boys are very tired by the end of the week and so weekends are very quiet as everyone recovers from a busy week.

Although if we keep having nights like last night, it will take us much longer to recover!
So what happened you ask.....?

We live in a nice area within Hamilton, unfortunately it is quite close to the University and so therefore many people have brought the houses in the area and then rent them out. This means you sometimes get people in the street who don't care or they are quite young.
The latter is the case in this story.
We have a house 2 doors down from us with young people in it and they are a pain.
They have noisy cars with big exhausts and love to drive them up and down the street several times in 5 minutes.
They have never had a party though and last night was obviously their night.
Now the music from the party was ok, it went on about 7pm and was never too loud that you wanted them to turn it down, it is also summer after all and so you expect a little music in the evenings whilst people are in their gardens.
The guests started to arrive and things were fine, a typical early 20yr olds party.
At 7.30 when I put the boys in bed, I noticed at least 30 people arrive in under 2 mins and when I went back to check on the boys I noticed at least another 20 arrive.
Over the course of the evening, the street started to resemble a carpark and you would have thought there was an important game on somewhere with the amount of groups that kept walking down the street towards the house.
As I mentioned before, the house was ok, the music was reasonable and yes there was a lot of people at the party but it was enough to make you realise that if something went wrong there would be ciaos!
I was starting to get a little restless about 10pm as I realised there were too many people there and they were all very young and that the Police were going to end up here sooner or later.
Unfortunately when a group ended up on the street outside our house at 10.30pm and smashed bottles I called '111'

Turns out I was caller #26 of the evening about the party but as I explained, the party itself was fine, it was the groups and crowds on the street that was letting it down.
Well within 15 minutes we had 12 Police here and the party was shut down. The Police went into regiment mode and suddenly there was a line of Police escorting the whole crowd up the street dispersing them away from the party.
It was an impressive sight to see.

So that was the excitment in the street for the year, may they behave themselves for a while otherwise I can see more people in the street complaining to the local council about them.

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