Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy Busy

Like everyone else around me, life is busy busy at present.
What with it coming to the end of the school year here, summer fast approaching round the corner and one other thing that I can't quite remember........oh yea, Christmas and the fat fella in a suit!

Last Wednesday on my day off I had a list of chores as long as my arm. I managed to take everyone to work and school at 8am and then managed to never return home until I picked everyone up and we all got home at 5pm.
It was mega madness the whole day. Sad thing about it all is I can count on my fingers the amount of hours I have left in the next 2 weeks to get everything done that I want to achieve.

We are having a secret santa gift swap at work and muggins here decided (I must have been mad at the time) that I was going to.......wait for it.........MAKE my present for my secret santa person!! I know it will only take me a few hours to do it, but I have to find the few hours of peace to be able to do it!

We have Christmas/End of Year parties springing up all over the place. This weekend I have been to my cousin's wedding (gorgeous by the way and a fabulous family catch up, pictures in another post) and today the boys and Steve had their end of year Judo family fun day, so lots of playing silly games and having a great time.
On Wednesday I have a leaving do for one of the Doctors and on Friday we have our works Christmas party.
So all go as usual.

However, there are some saving graces. One of the shops I had to use on Wednesday last week was good enough to keep all my purchases and have them gift wrapped whilst I was a way at an appointment and not make me stand around and wait for them, made the day run smoother.
Another saving grace was the fact I was unable, in my well planned rushed state, to get to a library to drop the books off. So all I did was log on to their website at the end of the day and renew all the books. Now, even though we are finished with the books, I can return them at a better pace and in my own time knowing we are not going to incur late fees!

So it is all go here, as I am sure it is in your house too.
Keep your chin up and try not to panic, it really is not worth it. If you don't manage to get the turkey for Christmas day, well then make do with the little frozen chicken in the freezer. At the end of the day you will still have a nice meal with family and that is all that matters.

Me, well I still have some shopping to do, luckily I am seeing them all on Christmas day so no worries about having to post them anywhere. Still not sure what I am buying, but they are old enough to know that gift vouchers work well. Although I did manage to get a present sorted for my Dad and even managed to give it to him before he leaves on Tuesday to go back to China. How organised was that?

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