Friday, December 24, 2010

No Stress

It is Christmas Eve and I really have no stress.
I still have a huge amount of things to do but nothing that is worth stressing out about.

I am still at work, and probably will be until about 4pm. Sadly patient's don't want to be in Hospital anymore than we want to be working here, so we are doing our best to get people sorted with their procedure so they can go home tomorrow.

The boys are now at home with Steve, and they are the ones doing all the last minute shopping, not that we need much. Although Steve has just announced that he can' t find his bank card, so maybe at 2pm on Christmas Eve he is going to fight his way into the bank to get it sorted. have checked the account and there is no suspicious activity showing, so we think he has left it at a shop when paying for something!

The presents are all wrapped and ready to go, although we are considering putting up the climbing frame tonight so the boys can have that part tomorrow and the swing part they can know about but will go up after the Christmas holiday rush. Sure they will survive.

Although last night we realised that maybe we had a few too many presents for them, so some are not being shown the light of day and will stay hidden under the stairs and used for birthday presents through the year. I love buying my boys presents but there is definitely only so much that they need in one go.

So as the day is closing in and everyone is coming together, I hope you are all ready and have a pleasant few days with your family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I will catch you on the other side of 2011

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