Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not Perfect

I will be the first to admit that my house is not perfect.
I will also be the first to admit that I do struggle with keeping a house and working 4 days a week!

I have the perfect sign in my house that describes it perfectly....

On a day to day basis things only get done on a very small scale.
Things do get left around, the place is not spotless 24/7.
However, if the place does get the once over, then everything gets done with the exception of 3 areas...
  1. Main kitchen surface
  2. Study
  3. Our bedroom
Surprisingly it is #3 that bugs me the most.
Yes #1 bugs me, especially as this is the only one on full view of all visitors, plus the area should be a breakfast bar and we have, as yet, never used it as that!

However, since having those 2 gorgeous offsprings children, our bedroom never gets touched.
I go in at night, go to bed, usually already counting the amount of time I can sleep until the alarm goes off for the next day. In the morning I get up, get dressed and leave the room and never return until bedtime when the whole cycle starts again.
When I have laundry to put away, then I admit that I remember to take it up as I am going to bed or earlier in the evening, if I remember, but I find I usually rush it upstairs whilst doing something else and so therefore just leave it on the bed.

It comes down to, plain and simple, out of sight out of mind!

When Alex was 6 weeks old, we had to attend a funeral. I noticed several weeks later, in the middle of the night whilst feeding him, that the shoes I had worn were still on the floor by the unit and not in the wardrobe.
I had managed to walk past them for weeks, but I had never picked them up and placed them the 4m into the wardrobe.
It again simply came down to the fact that when I went in the room at night, I got ready and fell into bed and when I got up each morning I got dressed and left to deal with the children.

Now that I have set myself those 100 challenges, I am also going to try my hardest to put my laundry away when I take it up.
What is odd, is that the boys laundry gets put straight into their draws when it goes in their room. I have always put it there and now we are encouraging them to do the same, regardless of the fact that I don't do the same!

So on top of my 100 challenges over the next year, I am adding this one as a challenge to achieve continuously always.

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Laurie said...

Hi, are you feeling ok...sure you have not had a bang on the head ?

As I have always said life will get easier as the boys grow up and you will have more time for laundry and stuff.
hugs Mum x