Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping, Presents and Carols

Today, like many others, we ventured down town to do some last minute shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas. Well, the boys wanted to get each other a present.
The place was not too over run and we managed to get done what we wanted with no hassle at all.

As it was food time, we stopped for a little snack in the shopping centre.
As we made our way to the table I noticed an older couple stood off to the side with black clip folders under their arms. My immediate thought was "what are they going to talk about when they stop people, let's just keep moving!"
However then I noticed another couple stood outside of another shop, and a few more over by the food court.
I, however, then got distracted from these people, by a solo carol singer starting up at the otherside of the foodcourt by the Christmas tree. She sounded really good

Suddenly she started to sound even better, because this stereo sound of carolers suddenly was all around us. It actually seemed like suddenly half the people in the shopping centre had joined in with her....but they hadn't!

Yes, that is right....all those people stood around with black clip folders were actually part of the choir and they had all started singing and were now making their way, from every direction possible, towards the tree in the far corner. The sound and the effect was awesome.
People singing, but looking like they were just casual shoppers, just made the whole place light up. Because you could hear the singers but not see them all very clearly, then everyone stopped what they were doing and were looking around for where the noise was coming from, so suddenly the whole shopping centre went still and quiet as the members of the chior slowly, whilst singing, made their way to the correct place.

The choir was a very good one and they sang all the good songs, including my favorite one "Oh Come All Yee Faithful" they even managed the descant (a group of the choir singing the same words but in a different way that compliments the original verse) to the last verse, which I know and love.

Sitting in the middle of it all was awesome and had a wonderful Christmas feeling, really putting you into the Christmas spirit.

This spirit must have got the right place, because when we went into K-mart, I noticed their Wishing Tree Appeal. This is where they have a tree up in the store and you can leave presents for the Salvation Army to give to less fortunate people at Christmas time. So I took 4 tags and made sure we bought and left 4 presents before we went home.

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