Wednesday, December 22, 2010


18 post titles written on piece of paper reminding me of all the posts I want to write

8 more Christmas presents I need to buy before Saturday

3 dishes I need to cook on Christmas Eve to take with me for lunch on Christmas Day

30+ Christmas Cards I need to write and dream about getting in the mail!

2 children I have in tow with me to stop me from achieving all of the above today.

1 child who is not feeling too well and keeps having a temperature, even though the house is very hot and the humid wet outside is even hotter

90% humidity currently reaching in Hamilton

23 temperature currently recorded

22 is the age a dear friend has turned today...Happy Birthday Jessica

49 is the age my husband turns on Boxing Day, so must remember to buy him a Birthday present in amongst all those Christmas presents!

Oh yea....

3 sleeps till Christmas!

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