Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Loving

Today I am loving the weekend we have just had.
On Saturday we had our annual family BBQ. We invited anyone and everyone and we had an awesome day. The sun was out, the food was good, the company was awesome and the family & friends were flowing.
People came for an hour, they came for 6. We had people in the house, in the garden and hanging round the kitchen. People got to meet new people and mums from school finally got to know mums they had seen but never spoken too.
It was an awesome day and I am already looking forward to next years BBQ

Sunday was one of those classical Sundays. Lots of sunshine and chilling at home. We had a late breakfast followed by doing nothing.
We caught up on computer stuff, we caught up on books.
The boys and I spent an hour in the park playing cricket, just hitting the ball and bowling. Actually I was well impressed with the abilities of the boys. Ben had some awesome throwing techniques and when he hit could actually get great distance.
Alex was wonderful at bowling and did some great catches. We had a wonderful time in the sun playing ball.

Then last night we went to the Hamilton Gardens to see the Sunset Symphony.
Dinner in the park followed by some amazing music. The Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra were amazing as ever and it was a wonderful way to end a glorious summer weekend.
As always the fireworks at the end of the evening were breath taking. I am always in awe of the spectacular quality of fireworks. At one stage last night all you could see was gold sparks filling the sky. It was an amazing feel good moment.

However that feel good moment didn't last this morning when we had 2 very grouchy tired munchkins, with 1 feeling sick and looking rather green around the gills.
So 2 munchkins at home for a day of rest and re-pinking in colour!

Have a great week all x x

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Alison said...

Hope your munchkins have recovered ...sounds like a perfect weekend though!
Alison xx