Wednesday, February 22, 2012


One of the most common topics amongst girlfriends is what latest diet is anyone on? Does it work and how much have you lost?

As females it seems to be that we have a perpetual craving for diets and loosing weight.

Now I will be the first to admit that I don't follow diets, well maybe I follow that "Sea Food Diet" you know the one "See Food will eat it diet"!
I have always been happy with my weight, however if I am not happy then it never seems to bother me enough for me to want to do anything about it.
I liked my weight when I got pregnant the first time and even though there were a few more kilos involved when I got pregnant the 2nd time, I was not bothered.
I have certain clothes in my wardrobe that in fact look fabulous on me, not sure whether I have learnt to dress for my shape or whether they just suit me, I don't know, but damn I look great in them.

However if anyone does want to go on a diet then I think they need to be in the right mind set for it, I do also think that you can only diet when you are ready for it, when it hits home to you and you know you want to do something about it, not just the "I really should go on a diet but I can't be bothered" moment.
You always hear about people who saw a picture or tried to do something and then suddenly realised that something had to be done. Almost like they got inspired.
I feel that that inspiration is what puts you in the right mind set.

Well that inspiration has hit, I have seen the light or the picture or the video what ever it was that gave me inspiration.
Those 10 extra kilos I have from my 2 kids are now at war with me. They want to stay and I want them to go!
I am not going to be wild and try and get them out within 10 weeks but they will be leaving bit by bit.

Steve is all behind me on this, well he was until he realised that by default he is involved as well!!
He suddenly has to be aware of what he is eating too. Not going to do him any harm to loose some as well although we have to consider his diabetes in all of this and make sure it is all still managed sufficiently, however loosing some weight will be good for his diabetes.

He told me that he needed to get his fitness in shape this year, so I got him a pedometer (we both have one; 10,000 steps a day here we come) and I am amazed at how much it has been used so far. He has worn it from morning till night religiously and comments each night on how many steps he has completed that day. maybe this will be his inspiration to reach his goal.

Let's just hope our inspiration can stick around for a while

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