Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Moving

With my husband deciding that he wants to get fit he announced that I was allowed to nag him to go and do some exercise!

As much as I love nagging my husband, I'm allowed to do it once a month with his diabetes, I did not relish the offer of nagging him more often for his fitness.
So when I saw a pedometer the other day, then I decided to put it all back on him.

All I can say is if you want to get moving more then buy a pedometer, man do they make you competitive.

I decided that we could both do with one and now for nearly a week we have been having an ongoing informal competition to see who can do the most steps per day.

And it sure does make you move more, suddenly you are happy to park in the space at the supermarket furthest away from the door.
You are suddenly happy to take the long way round to get to somewhere.
You are even happy taking 6 flights of stairs at work because at the end of the day it all goes against your daily steps.

Daily steps by the way should be 10,000 and if you think you do that no sweat then get a pedometer and just try it out and see if you actually are!
I thought it would probably be easy, even though I am currently working at a desk job, to achieve this, but boy was I wrong, you really do have to keep moving all day.

So with cutting back on the wrong types of food and increasing the right type of food, decreasing the portion size we eat and trying to achieve those illusive 10,000 steps per day there might just be some small changes in our house over the coming weeks!

Watch this space!

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Alison said...

I have tried this before too....10,000 steps are way more than you imagine!
Alison xx