Friday, February 10, 2012


18 months ago I discovered the colour red.

Yes I know it has been around for ever but I always found it a very striking colour and very strong.

Not sure if because I turned 40 (18 months ago) I wanted to become striking and strong but suddenly I am in love with red.

No I haven't gone out and changed my whole wardrobe nor when I think about it do I actually own any red clothes! But I do own red accessories.

Since my first son was born I had a little pair of red slip on shoes and I always got compliments about them.
When I turned 40 I had highlights put in my hair, the hairdresser and I had put red ones in before but they always faded so quickly, so we tried a different colour and brand and holy smoke, I had bright red highlights for several weeks, it made for a fabulous 40th birthday as I got compliments from strangers in the street for nearly 5 weeks!

Highlights are 5 weeks old at this stage

My aunty brought me a lovely big red bag for my 40th birthday, I purchased myself a lovely little red bag a few months ago.
I even found a nice little pair of court shoes for work too.

However my greatest buy has to be my new red shoes.
I found them at the Warehouse the other day and decided I could afford the $30 for them, happy for them to only last this summer.
Imagine my surprise when at the checkout they scanned to be only $15! It was so meant to be.

So for the last 2 days they are all I have worn and I love them
They also remind me of the shoes I use to get as a treat when I was younger and we visited the Greek Islands.

My youngest son thinks they are my ballet shoes, which is so cute.


Lien - all new adventures said...

Hey, those are awesome shoes! I might run out and buy some for myself :-)

They say if someone turns their hair red it means they are in the process of change - perhaps there is some truth to that?

Happy weekend, and enjoy the red sexy shoes!


Alison said...

Love your ballet shoes!
Alison xx