Thursday, February 02, 2012


Yes that time of year has fast approached and the boys are back at school.

6 1/2 weeks have gone by very quickly (but then so has January!) and I can not believe that they were actually eager to get back!
New bags have been purchased, new lunch bags too. All new stationery has been covered and named where necessary. Uniform has been checked and new brought if needed.

Today they practically ran into school and were eager for me to go as they had friends to catch up with and play with. Neither of them were too worried about mum standing there watching them, they were very happy to just yell 'Bye Mum' and be away.

The holidays have been fun this year. We have managed a very desent time away at the caravan, they have spent time at home with me, they have spent time at the holiday programme and they have spent time at home with my cousin. So time has been spent doing all manner of activities and outings which they seem to have revelled in.

One last holiday weekend to get through this weekend and then life gets back to normal for a few weeks until Easter!

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Alison said...

Great pics of your boys...hope they enjoyed their first day back!
Alison xx