Monday, August 06, 2012

Sad but Proud

Today is my baby brother's birthday (my only brother).

My brother and I at my wedding in 2008
He turns 40, yes he is now a big boy and can officially join the ranks of adulthood.
He has survived, he has made it. He has fallen down and broken things, fractured things and crashed things but he is still here and is alive & kicking his way forward.
I am very proud of most of the things he has done and achieved over the years, ok there a few down right stupid things he has done but we will forgive him those minor indiscretions.

This also means that it is a sad day for my parents as both of their kids are now in their 40's and that means their kids are no longer babies, to some extent (although I know it never stops) their job is done. Although I think we both still have mum on speed dial.
They can both be very proud that they have grown 2 super children to adulthood. They have gotten us both through the trials and tribulations of childhood, university, first loves, 2nd loves and even 3rd, 4th and 5th loves!
They have watched us move countries, leave their side and grow by ourselves.
They have been there to support us when we finally found the 'one' and celebrate us both getting married.

Iain, Mum, me and Dad
As my brother and I are both very obliging, we have happily produced 4 grandsons between us (sadly no girls) and they know have the pleasure of watching us grow these little people, although they are not so little either ranging in age from 7 to 11.

So happy birthday to my brother, may you survive another 40 years and just keep on growing with age.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I think there's something very special about a brother. I love each of my 3 in different ways.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahh Happy Birthday Iain!

What a beautiful bride my dear!! Love the family shot.

Andrea Boring said...

This is just awesome sister. I love how you mention that he has grown into adulthood now that he is 40. That made me chuckle for sure. Hope you are well :)