Thursday, February 21, 2008

100 Things about me

  1. I was born in Southampton, England in the same hospital as most of my relatives, and where I went to visit my cousin after she was born when I was 15.
  2. We left there when I was 5.
  3. I have one baby brother
  4. When I was 7 we moved to Kuwait, yes the place of the Gulf War.
  5. When I was 11 we moved to Jordan.
  6. That was when I went to Boarding School in England.
  7. I stayed there for 6 years and loved every minute of it.
  8. In that time my parents lived in England, France and America.
  9. I learnt to play the clarinet at school
  10. I still have my clarinet
  11. I can still play if I try really hard!
  12. When I finished school in England my parents were still in the US so I joined them.
  13. I went to High School Band Camp in 87
  14. Although I never got to play in the High School Band as I never started High School
  15. I was going to be a Junior at Wapakoneta, Ohio High School
  16. My father got asked to leave the US due to being an Illegal Alien with no current visa!
  17. I could have stayed as my visa was current for 5 more month
  18. But I was only 16
  19. So my parents said no!
  20. I got my first job in McDonalds
  21. I worked part time whilst doing a pre nursing course
  22. But then decided against training to be a nurse
  23. And worked in McDonalds full time
  24. In 1991 decided I was now ready to be a nurse
  25. So in March of 92 started my nurse training in Wolverhampton
  26. Finished my training in 95
  27. Started working in Theatres and have not looked back
  28. All my patient's are a sleep!
  29. During my time in Wolverhampton I hung out with the Mormons
  30. I was the most active non member of Wednesfield Ward
  31. I went to Firesides, had home evenings and learnt a lot
  32. Decided to move to New Zealand in Sept 97
  33. 6 months later I arrived in Auckland on Valentines Day 1998
  34. I have been in NZ for 10 years, WOW
  35. Look what I have achieved in my time here
  36. I worked at Auckland Hospital
  37. I stayed with them on and off for just over 9 1/2 year
  38. I met Steve at work
  39. It took me 2 years to agree to date him
  40. I have now been with him for 8 years
  41. He never wanted children
  42. He is 9 years older than me
  43. Almost a different generation
  44. But that is what makes it work
  45. I managed to convince him to have kids
  46. Both our boys were planned
  47. I wanted girls
  48. So knew we would end up with boys
  49. When I went into labour with Ben, Steve was sure it was Braxton Hicks
  50. And was sure it was a false alarm
  51. I convinced him otherwise
  52. When I was pregnant with Alex I still wanted a girl
  53. Steve wanted to know what we were having
  54. So we checked at the 18 week scan, it was pretty obvious
  55. I sat up and cried
  56. I didn't want 2 boys
  57. I wouldn't change them now for all the tea in China
  58. Well maybe on some days
  59. But the feeling passes quite quickly
  60. I love my boys but am not a suitable SAHM, I love having 5 minutes to myself at work.
  61. We are only having 2, no more, although I would have liked more, but that has now all been sorted.
  62. I am a stubborn independant scorpion
  63. And I sometimes wonder how Steve puts up with me being so controlling of everything
  64. I love coke but not diet coke
  65. I love Pepsi Max but not Pepsi? Go figure!
  66. I don't drink alcohol
  67. Only because I haven't found anything I like
  68. But I am addicted to sugar
  69. But not chocolate
  70. If it was a choice between a big bar of chocolate or a box of chocolates
  71. The box of chocolates would win
  72. I like the variety in the box
  73. I am not a vegetable person
  74. Although my parents will tell you it is because I don't like anything green!
  75. I am a fussy eater
  76. Our new house is my 38 address in 37 years
  77. I am talkative
  78. Which helps because with moving around a lot I don't know many locals
  79. But have some great old friends all over the world
  80. I hate txt language
  81. And the fact kids don't know punctuation or grammer anymore
  82. I love writing on the computer
  83. But feel it is a shame people don't hand write things much anymore
  84. Long live the postman
  85. I quilt
  86. I cross stitch
  87. Or at least I use to before kids
  88. I can't draw or paint
  89. I love craft
  90. My new hobby is blogging
  91. I can't stand reality tv
  92. But love CSI, Brother's and Sister's, Dancing with The Stars
  93. I love going to the movies
  94. But due to kids haven't been for months
  95. I hate movies with high body counts
  96. Give me a great feel good movie anytime
  97. Or romance
  98. My favorite author is Danielle Steel
  99. I have volunteered with Parents Centre for the past 5 years
  100. I am currently President of Hamilton Parents Centre

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I loved reading all of these!!