Saturday, February 02, 2008


My family are campers. I have been camping since I was about 8 months old, my brother since he was about 8 hours old!
We have taken the boys camping ever since Ben was about 17 months old, I was actually 24 weeks pregnant with Alex when we went.
In all that time we have noticed these fixed caravans, not one you pull behind your car when ever you fancy a weekend away, but one that looks more like a mobile home but pretty basic.
So every year that we have gone camping we have checked out the ones on the campsite we are staying at.
How it works here is that you obtain one of these caravans and then you pay an annual rate for a campsite where ever you want to place said caravan.
You then have the ability to leave the caravan set up on this campsite and visit it as often as you like during the year. You get between 70 - 100 nights free for your annual fee, depend on the campsite and then you pay the going rate per night after that.
It is more or less like having your own beach house just in a little more roughing it area.

Now we have decided to get one of these after 4 years and so today we went to a campsite we liked to see if they had any spaces. So there we were measuring out sites to ensure our caravan would fit. It does and we have secured our site.

So now it is back to the drawing board at the company to get our caravan built.

We are having what is called the Traveller Series and it will be an empty shell with 2 rooms and a living area. There will be no running water or facilities, but seeing as the amenities block is all of 5m away from our site I don't think this will cause any hassles, but this is what we wanted, the pleasure of camping but with a little more warmth so we can use it all year round.

The campsite we have chosen is about 1 1/2 hours (110kms) drive away, just far enough to be away but close enough to suddenly say at dinnertime 'lets go to the caravan tonight for the weekend' and be able to do that.

We have chosen Athenree on the East coast, it is quiet but has its own hotsprings, so very comfortable in the winter. We are on site 23 which as you can see from the map is ideally sited for all amenities, which are all pretty new in the last 3-5 years.
We have stayed there twice before so know exactly what it is like.

This is going to be great because with Ben starting school in September we will have to start taking our holidays when everyone else does! So to have a fixed place to go will be great, there will be none of this fighting to get a space or having to remember to book a place a year in advance!

I will keep you posted on how things progress and as soon as we have pictures I will put some on. So here is to many happy family holidays in our new holiday adventure.

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