Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bugs and Things

Yesterday morning I took Ben to the Hearing Clinic. We are a very small amount concerned about his speech. There are quite a few times that Alex is better at talking than he is, more in the way it is said.
So the first step is to get his hearing checked, he has managed so far to miss out on all the checks done at his Daycares.

Anyway, all was fine and he apparently has perfect hearing for a 4 1/2 year old. So no worries there.

The thing that did worry me though was the office we were in.

As we stood in the reception area waiting to check in I happen to notice about 6 rather big crickets scuttling across the floor of the centre!

Now I am not a bug person, nor an insect person come to think about it, I just plain don't like anything that crawls!
Now Kent and Leisy I am sorry, I know you love them, but I don't. I have no problem cohabiting with them on the planet as long as they stay in their garden and I am in the house, and if I am in the garden well they just have to stay well clear of me!

So to go into this office where they are everywhere and no one seems to be taking any notice just threw me.

So I mentioned when we checked in if they realised that they had black things crawling all over their office....Yes they did, apparently there was an infestation of them outside and because of the weather they were all heading inside.
So there we are sitting in the office, Ben is doing so well having his test done and I am freaking out as another cricket runs past my shoe!

Was I ever glad to get out of there!

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