Friday, February 22, 2008

Songs on the Radio

I have the radio on at every possible moment, sometimes I do like the quiet, but I enjoy hearing the songs etc and also singing along!
As with anything a new song will come on that I am taken with and so I get into it and am always singing it when ever it is on.
Now of course Ben has grown up with Classic Hits on the radio, although Alex has as well, and I remember the day early last year when Ben sang along to the theme ad for the radio station, it had Steve and I in fits of laughter. He had been hearing it since before he was born!

Well Ben now knows that mummy sings along to certain songs (well all songs really) and therefore when they come on the radio there are suddenly big shouts of "it's your song mummy"
The first song for them to do this too was Mika - Grace Kelly, don't ask why I liked this song, but I fell for it from the first moment I heard it, it was catchy and fun and I now even have the album.
This last few months my song has been Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry.
I was even lucky enough to see her sing this live at the Police Concert in January, as she was one of the opening acts.
Of course I know the words to these 2 songs rather well so singing along in the car is easy, but what makes it even more fun is when you have a 4 year old in the back seat attempting to sing along with you.
Ben has only done this twice so far, once when he was with just me and then yesterday on the way to work. Steve of course had never heard this and was wetting himself with laughter at Ben squeaking along to Fergie.
He doesn't know all the words, just some of the chorus and the last words on some of the lines. So you hear him mumbling something and then saying the last word.

It is so cute. Definitely one of those feel good things that your kids do.

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