Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Caravan Update

The nice man from the caravan company came and spent 2 hours with me yesterday going over the plan of our new caravan.
We looked at every fine detail, chose the colours for the window frames, the roof, the curtains, the walls, the ceilings, the kitchen cupboards and the carpet.
It was a mamouth task but I loved it.
I have gone for green, with a mixed colour curtain and a pretty plain beige carpet, one that will be forgiving of a little bit of dirt. And considering where it will be I didn't want to worry about a little bit of dirt all the time.

he then came back in the evening and said that if we signed here now we could hopefully have it ready before Easter! So I signed on the line and then transfered the deposit to them last night.
Lets just say 25% was rather a lot of money, but we have waited 4 years for this so we are not too worried as we haven't rushed into this.

Will keep you posted with updates as Les said we will be able to go and see it one Saturday as it is being built, so will take the camera. We will also then take pictures as it is being put on the site in March.

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