Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lucky for us, although totally all our own doing, the boys love books.
This was always something important to me, I wanted them to have that ability to loose themselves in the imagination of the books.
Ok they are still not reading on their own, but they have a love of books and so I am hoping it will continue.
Ben is at that age where he is just starting to consider books that are not mainly pictures. Maybe even books that have a chapter or 2 in them, rather than a book that takes 5 minutes to read.
At the library today I managed to find one or 2 books that are easy readers with about 6 chapters in them.
Ben and I have read the first chapter and already I have managed to get his imagination running overtime!
He has understood everything that has happened in the first chapter and he is thinking about where the story could go from here and what might happen.

We will have fun tomorrow when we read the 2nd chapter.

I also managed to get a few books to read, which will of course be read before the 4 week loan period is finished.
I did however, just as we were walking out the door of the library, find myself a book that doesn't take too much reading.
It is a book all about Art Quilts.

'500 Art Quilts'
An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work

It is a fairly new book published this year and it is amazing.
The details people go to with material etc to make a quilt for the wall is just mind blowing.
Now these are quilts for display, not for your double bed in the spare room!
This book is making my imagination run wild, wild with ideas on pictures I would love to see in quilt, although I am not sure my imagination runs wild enough to know what products etc to use to create something like this, maybe it is all trial and error at the end of the day?
Although having seen some of these quilts up close at a quilt show, it just takes a lot of talent with using material.

Yes, for those that haven't seen this picture before, that is a quilted book that hangs out from the wall.

Simply amazing, aren't some people just so clever.

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Laurie said...

How great the first quilt you show from my friend Jenny Bowker done in the Middle East in fact Cairo while we were in Dubai it is call " Hashim"
Mum x