Friday, June 11, 2010

Boys Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, whilst catching up on the blogs I follow, one of them (Leisy) talked about how her husband was taking their 3 yr old away over night camping.
I thought what a great idea.
Steve has never done anything like that with our boys and I decided that it was about time he did!

So I went and told him he had to organise a weekend away with each of our boys individually.
We checked the calendar and came up with 2 weekends.

I helped them plan the time away, well with regards to food anyway. I asked them one evening what they wanted for dinner on the Saturday night, Alex knew straight away that he wanted Fish and Chips.
So when I did the shopping I ensured that they had everything they needed food wise. They went late on Friday evening, so dinner was had at home with everyone, then they had to sort out breakfast and lunch for Saturday, dinner was takeaways and then they had to sort breakfast and lunch for Sunday.
They took bikes and scooter, swim stuff and dvd's.
So just over 2 weeks ago Steve and Alex disappeared to the caravan for their weekend away together.
Alex was really excited about this, so was Steve come to think about it!

This was quite significant because Steve has never had nights away with the boys due to his diabetes.
When the boys were little I was always worried about what would happen if he had a hypo in the middle of the night? When they were so little it was very easy to got lost in the moment of looking after them that it was easy to forget to eat. Now this is fine for someone like me who can get really hungry and then eat, for Steve, then his sugars would get really low and he would then probably ignore the headache because the kids needed him and then he would eat wrong and maybe suffer for it later when everything all came to a head in the middle of the night!

Someone once told me, when the boys were little, that it got easier when they were older?
At the time I was head deep in life with them and I couldn't quite believe that this was going to be true, but when they are older it seriously is true, life does get simpler.

But the boys are now older, they are less demanding on your time, you can have 5 minutes to yourself and the world does not come crashing down around you. Time is flexible now not so restrictive, in other words life is fun with them.
So now I am not so worried about Steve, I know that he has the time to eat right and therefore will be ok during the night. I also know that he worries about it when he is with the boys on his own, so I know he won't be stupid and will have dinner at a sensible time etc.

So today is Ben's turn, they are heading away tonight after dinner.
The shopping has been done and they are all set to go.
Steve did take the camera with him when he went with Alex but sadly there were no pictures taken (guess you can tell who takes all the pictures in this family?)

What will I be doing I hear you ask??
Well I get to stay at home with the child who is left behind. As we are still a 1 car family then we don't get to go too far.
Ben enjoyed sleeping in mummy and daddy's bed for the nights and we had an adventure on the bus to a friend's birthday party.
Alex and I will be staying at home, although my brother has told me they will be over this way on Sunday due to my nephew having some soccer games to play, so we will go and join them watching him play his matches.

I also think this may have to become an annual event, 'Daddy and Son weekend away'
I am sure we should do a Mummy and Son weekend away too, but I already get plenty of time with them that I am happy for this to wait a while!
Maybe one year we will think of stepping up from a little weekend away to the caravan to something a little more elaborate? Maybe an over night stay in Auckland or something in a hotel?


Kent and Leisy said...

I also really need to do a mother/son thing! lately I've seen ads for fathers/sons activities and daddy/daughter dates and even a mom/daughter tea! where is everything for the mothers and sons!? :) it's about time we started it!

Needled Mom said...

It should be fun for everyone. I think it's a great idea.