Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 for Alex

It seems this year as if any sickness or unwellness that is going to hit our family is going to hit Alex!

We started the year with him complaining (as he had been doing for a little while) about his bottom and it being itchy etc.
Turns out he had worms so we all got treated and yea ha for that little exercise.

Then I noticed that his bottom was still really red. Didn't want to clear and so back to the doctors we went with that one.
Now I suspected 'Strep' yes you can get strep of the bottom, Ben had it when he was 4, a nice big dose of antibugs and all is correct again. Don't know how you get it but it seems to last for ever unless you treat it.
So after voicing my opinion to I think the 3rd doctor we saw, I managed to get a swab taken (only way to prove it, by growing it) and 3 days later Alex had a 10 day course of antibugs to take.
They finished last week. He was actually very good at taking it morning and night as prescribed and we were very proud of him.

Yesterday we collected the boys from school at 5pm and Alex was walking with his head tilted to one side. Said it was sore and stiff.
My first thought was why hadn't the school called us, Alex said he hurt it at fitness, which was held at 9am!
Because he was perfectly fine in himself and had shown no previous signs of unwellness I did not even think of anything illness wise like meningitis etc, so was never really worried there.

A quick talk to his teacher, who was still around after the staff meeting, and she said he had not complained all day about any aches or pains?

Now to me a 5 yr old does not get a stiff neck, they are fit and active, I know it can happen, but they shouldn't get to the point of not wanting to move their head etc.
So we decided to do a range of movements with Alex and then make a decision about seeing a doctor.
Decision was made and off we went to the emergency doctor.
Her conclusion was that he had probably pulled a muscle in his neck, take anti inflammatory drugs, use a wheat bag to get some heat on the muscle and rest. Oh and also get him to do some basic exercises to make sure he moves his neck to keep it active.

So here we are today, he is off school today to rest. His neck is still a little sore and stiff to move although a good nights sleep did help that but then so did the Ibufen probably!
However, he is still complaining of an itchy bottom and it is still not settled enough for my liking, so guess what.............we have an appointment at the doctors for later today!

Will it ever end this year with him?

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Laurie said...

He needs some big hugs from Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxx