Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deals of The Week

Everyone I know loves a good deal, and I am definitely one of them.
Now you don't always get good deals, not ones that you really feel are worth it.
Maybe after the surprise I had on Friday then my luck is just carrying on over into the weekend as well.

On Sunday I went to the mall with a friend, not often I get the time to wander round a mall with a girl friend. Anyway, we passed the kids store and they had 30 - 60% of most things.
I noticed some undies for the boys that were 60% off.
It worked out that a packet of 3 for the boys turned out to be $2.39. Less than $1 per pair!
There were only sizes 8-10 suitable for the boys, but I know they will definitely grow into them and definitely need them. And we have brought this brand before and they are good and wash well.
There were other sizes available in the store but they only had 30% off, due, as I found out from the lady, because the ones in the store were this seasons design and the ones outside the store were last seasons!
Now I know my boys are not bothered whether they wear blue, red and green ones from last years season over yellow, green and black ones for this next seasons.
So I walked away with 6 packets ($13 for 18 pairs) that will sit in the draw ready for when they need them.
Definitely a good deal.

Next we went into the Homeware store and I discovered that they had a 'buy one get one free' on their cutlery sets. Now Steve and I have been looking for new cutlery for a while. The ones we are currently using are cheap ones one of us brought into the relationship 11 yrs ago, and we have felt for a while that it was about time we had a decent set of cutlery. The set I found and liked was a 24 piece stainless steel set (6 of each item) for $100.
To add to this deal I also had $70 in gift vouchers for this store as well.
So with the set costing $100, all in all we walked away with a 48 piece cutlery set costing us the grand total of $30.
(set = $100, -$70 of vouchers = $30 + 1 free set)
Oh and by the way Mum, we spent our Christmas voucher on cutlery, thanks very much x x x

The last deal of the week is more a deal of convenience than anything else.
Our school has a pool and during the summer they usually lend out keys to parents who ask for them. They charge you $30 for the key whilst the pool season is on, usually until about Mid March early April time.
Last year we didn't get one but I could so see the pleasure of having one, so this year we got one.
We have used the pool 3 times in the 5 days since having the key.
We have not had the chance to spend a long time there, maybe about 20 mins each time but the convenience of being able to go when it suits us, for how ever long it suits us is awesome.
If we paid to go to the public pool each time we would have spent over $30 by now and we also would have had to share with other people.
So this has definitely been the deal of the summer, no pool care to worry about, just drive the 5 nins down the road and splash to our hearts content in a nice clean safe private pool.

Happy Summer everyone.

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