Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pretty Things

When will I ever learn that I can not have pretty things?
When will I ever learn that I am now the mother of 2 gorgeous boys and wife to that other male in the house.
When will I learn that between all those above sentences means no pretty things like cake trays, tableclothes and pretty frilly napkins!

I placed a tablecloth on the table at dinner time the other day, thought I would try and culture the heavin lot I live with, make them realise that things can be nice looking and tidy..........think I had forgotten to take my tablets that day!

2 minutes, yep that is right, 2 minutes of everyone sitting at the table and someone had spilt their drink all over the place. To an extent it was a good job the tablecloth was on because it soaked up most of the drink.

I don't actually want daughters, never have really apart from when I was pregnant with Ben, but every now and then I would love to do the frilly stuff and have tea parties with friends.

Is that too much to ask to keep my female sanity in check??

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Just keep it up and they will learn some social graces in time... it even took time with you and you are a girl, your brother learnt eventually, just keep doing the pretty things boys actually like them as well

hugs Mum xx