Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pro Athelete

Well Ben now thinks he is a pro!

Last weekend, for the first time, he was finally the right age to enter the Weetbix Tryathlon.

Ready to go

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRY-athlon is a community event in its eighteenth year where kids aged 7-15 can swim, cycle and run for fun, plus take home a medal and a certificate for having a go - because every kid is a champion!

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRY-athlon have a Philosophy:
They believe that inside every child there is a champion. It doesn't matter about their size or shape, it doesn't matter if they don't usually get involved in sporting activities. They want them to give it a go and feel like a champion. The emphasis is on being involved and giving their best.

Unfortunately we only found out about it happening in our area 5 days before hand, but Ben was happy to give it ago and try his best. We will train better for it next year, plus he is now registered with them, so we will gain email info months before when the dates for 2012 become available.

He had to swim 50m, cycle 4km and run 1 1/2km
He was very excited, especially as his big cousin, Ellis came over from Rotorua to partake as well.
All in all it was an awesome proud emotional day for me.
He tried his best and achieved so much for my little 7yr old.

Water, I need water....!

"I did it mum"

Look what I got
There were over 1600 kids taking part and it was so well organised. Never once did I feel the kids were lost or confused, there were so many marshals aound in red t-shirts willing to help and direct the kids.
Even in the swimming part, which due to the size of the pool space the parent's are unable to watch, the pool was a sea of people in red t-shirts, ( I spied through the fence when able too) they were spaced out in the water, all holding float boards, I don't think any child had to go more than 2m before they were in catching distance of the next guard, just in case they got into trouble whilst doing their swimming.

There were marshals in the transition area helping them find their bike, if they forgot where they put it! People along the whole course of the cycling and running, helping them, encouraging them and making sure they knew where to go.

Now which one will I take?

The entrance to the bikes from the swimming area with excited parents waiting for their little ones to run by

Keep going Ben
I even witnessed one helper see a young girl really struggling with the last 50m of the run (last activity) and he joined her on the course and helped her along so she finished with her head held high.

Looking down towards the finish area. The kids were running the other side of the people on the right hand side of picture

Everyone was so encouraging, it was an awesome atmosphere all day and a real privilige to be a part of it all.

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kimara said...

Good Job Ben! That is something to be reall proud of. I have done a few triathlons in life as has my family! It is good fun!