Saturday, February 12, 2011


I love surprises, especially when they are for me, but occassionally I love surprises when they are for other people.
Yesterday I was the person who got surprised but at the same time it involved heaps of other people so was an all round great surprise.

I got a call from the boy's Principal yesterday telling me in no uncertain words that "I was awesome" (I always like phone calls like that, don't you?)
Anyway, turns out that I had forgotten I had entered a competition on behalf of the school and low and behold, WE WON.

Yep that is right, they had a competition on the radio for 4 weeks and each week they chose a school to receive a $3000 gift card for Paper Plus to spend towards books and stationary, as required by the school. Also a $1000 grant towards advertising our next fundraising event in the community.

All I had had to do was fill in my name and address, the school's name and contact for the Principal and say in I think (I can't quite remember) under 35 words why our school deserved this prize. I think I mentioned something about Education being important, the kids doing their best always (our school motto) and maybe something that was a play on words for the Paper Plus latest advertising etc
Obviously what ever I wrote went down well, cause we now have a whole heap of shopping to do for the school.

The Principal was beside himself with joy when he called me, saying thank you so many times, and telling me how astounding the boys were when they got called up on stage at assembly by the Radio Station people and interviewed etc.
The actually slot on the radio, I sadly didn't get to hear, as it was on during 1-2pm and I was working, although the local station will be playing it again at 6.40am on Monday, so we will all be awake and up listening for sure.

So a huge thank you to Classic Hits and Paper Plus for making this such a rewarding competition to enter. I never thought for a million years that we would win one of the prizes, but my boys education is very important, and any oppotunity to help them, then I am there, supporting them all the way.


tartankiwi said...

Wow! What an awesome surprise! congratulations!!!

Ali Honey said...

That's great News. Well done. I hope the school really makes good use of the prize.