Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Living with 2 boys can sometimes be a challenge, but othertimes I am glad I have 2 boys.

Although it can get very challenging when one expresses an interest in doing something and then the other wants to do it as well, that is when I wish we had a boy and a girl cause then the boy could get on and do his boy stuff and the girl her girl stuff, and they would have their own thing to do.

Unfortunately our boys are very a like in their activities and so are both doing Judo and absolutely loving it.
Alex last year expressed a wish to play soccer, but being so little and us not quite ready to give up our Saturday mornings, then we managed to change his mind a little on that one, whew, at least for last year.

Unfortunately Ben has now expressed an interest in wanting to play soccer this year. We have started to check it all out and will attend the club muster in March, however, I have a strong feeling that it won't be too long and we will may have 2 boys playing soccer.
I already know that Alex has expressed a desire to play this sport before and feel that when we check it out they will both want to give it a go.
So once again they will both be doing the same activity. Now I do realise that with having 2 boys, this is sadly going to be the case, unless one of them suddenly developes a need for not doing sport anymore then they will probably be in the same clubs for a little while to come yet. Although on the extra plus side for us, it means they both have to be at the same place at the same time and not one at each end of the city 5 minutes apart!
I know that one day 1 will give up something that the other keeps doing and vice versa, and we will support them in their choices at the time.

Even at home they always want to do the same thing but with different approaches to it.
During the summer holidays they both sat down one day to build new Lego they had received as presents.
It was such fun to watch them build it.

Ben sat there and methodically seperated each piece into colour piles, as the instructions suggested (always one to follow the instructions to the letter!)
He followed each picture on the pages step by step and almost double checked each thing before moving onto the next step.

Alex on the other hand, well his approach was very different.
Lets empty everything into a pile.
Lets look at the picture but try to combine 2 pictures at the same time
Lets get really frustrated when things don't go together as they should.
Lets yell and scream and get very annoyed because it is not working!
So lets throw the Lego around and proclaim "this is stupid"
And generally end up sitting there frustrated and in tears because it just isn't all coming together nicely like Ben's!
Before the tantrum started

It was such fun to watch and interveen with, but at the same time so funny to see 2 little boys who are so a like in one aspect of their lives, sport, yet so totally different in their approach for other areas.

Man it is going to be such fun growing these 2.


Deb said...

Hi :-) My kids have all played soccer and the 3 boys still do. Great sport. Which club are you going to? hey and don't be fooled. We can have one in Tokoroa, one in Raglan and one in Te Awamutu all on the same day at the same time lol And it's usually 9am. I am so over soccer by about mid May! lol

Laurie said...

Yeap... 2 kids different ends of the city done that been there... the difference in them is also their age..
Alex has not sat with Grandma and learnt that order is the best method to save tantrums..Mum and Dad are different than Grandma... not sure why they think M&D don't know things but Grandma does.....
sorry!! love Grandma