Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Spirit

I am not sure whether unemployment is doing it or if things have changed but suddenly this year I seem to have found the Christmas spirit.
My husband has known for years, well at least since I was pregnant with our youngest, that as much as I love Christmas it just seems to take me a long while to get into it and then suddenly it is Christmas Eve and we just go with it!

When I was pregnant with Alex in 2004/5 I lost the Christmas spirit, big time.
How I got through Christmas I am not sure, how we even had presents for family members or food on the table at my Sister-in-Laws I am even less sure of, simply is a good thing we went away that year to someone else's house as otherwise Steve would have been at home with a 1yr old and a pregnant wife who couldn't have cared less!

This year I seem to have got it together, ok the Christmas cards are not written and posted nor is the Christmas Letter with all our news from the year, but other things are coming together.

Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas

This year I am taking part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas. And so far I am loving it. Ok I haven't written anything or taken any pictures but the thoughts that are running through my head means that very soon there will be a sudden influx of words and pictures and I am hoping I can keep up!
I am loving receiving a new prompt each day and this is making me think about Christmas. The memories are flowing and suddenly I am enjoying every day of December.
More on this to come in another post soon.

12 Days of Christmas

I will post about this seperately but I found an awesome gift for the boys Teachers on Pinterest which occurs over 12 days.
In basic terms they receive a small gift everyday for the last 12 days of the school term.
Today is Day 1 and the gift was well received by both teachers, Ben's teacher was so happy and smiling, there were hugs all round and she was so enthusiastic for tomorrow.
I will share the link and details soon, just have some pictures to take for it.

The Diary

In normal this time of year fashion, the diary in the kitchen is full. In fact if someone offered me a job now I would ask them to let me start in January as I surely couldn't fit in any work in the next few weeks!
But everything is flowing and fitting together nicely. We haven't had any double ups this year, nothing that is happening all on the same day, everything has found its day and fits in nicely with other things we have planned. It means we don't have a spare day between now and Christmas Day but it is going to flow smoothly till then.

Now if I could just get rid of the pain in my wrist (tendonitis/tendinopathy) we would be firing on all cylinders!


Maria Ontiveros said...

You do seem to be in the spirit! I'm a little tired and my tummy's a bit upset tonight. Sigh.

Alison said...

I' just having a catch up Kathryn..hope the wrist's better and it does sound like you have Christmas well under control!
Alison xx