Monday, December 17, 2012

End of Year

After nearly 15 years down under in New Zealand I still haven't got use to Christmas being in the heat.
I also, after only 4 years, haven't got use to school finishing for the year in December either.
It is all or nothing here in New Zealand!
But having said that I don't think it really matters when school finishes to receive 2 excellent school reports.
It makes any parents day/night/week/month etc when their child brings home those ultimate words written on official paper telling you how they have achieved throughout the year.

School reports came home today and despite all the struggles we may have had throughout the year there is nothing better than the tingle of pride you have when reading your child's report.

2 awesome school reports arrived in our house today and we are very proud of them both.
Some work to be done in some areas but nothing that can't be overcome throughout their schooling, I mean hey, they are only 7 & 9 years old at present, but I am also aware that the time will vanish faster than we expect.

Well done boys, Mum and Dad are very proud of you both.


Cat said...

Yes school reports and prizegiving such moments of joy and happiness and pride!
Well done to your boys xx

Laurie said...

Well done ...Grandma is also proud of you both ...hugs xx

Alison said...

Well done boys....and I must confess that after spending a week in grey,dull and cold UK, I am very happy to get home to spend Christmas in sunnier, warmer weather!
Alison xx